The city in the middle of Amazon Rail forest

In the heart of the Amazon


Manaus | Amazon | Brazil

Amazon Travel - Located strategically in the midst of the mighty Amazon Jungle, Manaus is the logical place to merge with modern civilization. With about 2 million inhabitants and a sophisticated infrastructure, one can’t help but run into a heaping helping of civilization. Manus is home to a plethora of different races and nationalities. Amazon is just a fantastic place to be.It is so diverse in its culture; it seems to mirror the diversity of life that makes their habitat in the rainforest next door. There are an equally diverse number of land and boat trips available to explore the rivers and Amazon jungle, and witness the wild life firsthand. 

The Rio Negro (Black River) is perhaps the most famous access way, with a natural reserve located on its bank.To trace the origin of Amazon, one must return to the early 1700’s to Forte Sao Jose at the mouth of Rio Negro. There the inhabitants grew cinnamon, indigo, cloves, and cacao (the main ingredient of most chocolate). Then Manaus moved to producing rubber(1850’s-1920’s). There was a lot of demand for Manaus’ rubber in this period, so much so that it was actually a great source of wealth for the region.

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Many of the historical building, such as the Manaus Opera House, were built during this period of prosperity. The opera House is an architectonic wonder that is quite famous and indeed a must-see for any visitor to the area. It was built with the help of European artists, architects, and materials.In addition to the opera house, the cathedral of Sao Sebastian has a quaint charm that is certainly worth witnessing. Of course most people are aware of the piranha fishing and anaconda spotting available on the Amazon River.But what most people are unaware of is what is known as the meeting of the waters. It is a phenomenon where the dark water of the Negro River meets the water of the light brown water of the Solimoes River to form the Amazon River. 

The phenomenon is not the size of the Amazon River, but the fact that these waters meet and they do not mix. They remain side by side in stark contrast of one another for some distance before eventually becoming homogenous.*

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