Mato Grosso · January - February

Pantanal - The World's Biggest Wetland

The magic of one of the most beautiful portions of the Brazilian rainforest at your fingertips. The Pantanal with its fauna and flora create a visual set that looks more like a movie. Not by chance, it was twice the location of champion productions on Brazilian TV. Be a pantaneiro for a few days, taste the local cuisine, wake up to the sound of birds and enjoy the spectacular Pantanal sunset.



》arrival at 00:00 at Campo Grande or Corumbá International Airport

》Check-in at the Pantanal Jungle Lodge, a lodge in the heart of the Pantanal that mixes rusticity with a modern touch of sustainability. A perfect place for rest and contemplation, but also for many adventures and entertainment that only the Pantanal Jungle Lodge offers.

》After staying in one of the apartments with a beautiful view from the balcony of the sun gilding the waters of the Miranda River, do the River Safari. The experience allows you to see birds, herons, owls and an incredible walk along the meeting of the waters, where the Miranda River meets the Red River.

》After a spectacular sunset, at dusk, meet one of the biggest predators of the Pantanal, the ferocious alligator. The guide will enter through narrow rivers and it will be possible to see several specimens of this animal. A surreal experience.


Pantanal Safari

Aboard an open and adapted 4X4 it will be possible to know roads, beautiful landscapes and see wildlife very close. Experienced guides will take you on an exciting adventure through the Pantanal.

Calgada Pantaneira

The day-to-day experience of the Pantanal man, lived in an appreciative and unique way. On the ride you will have several surprises along the way and you don't need to be experienced in riding, the horses are tame and accustomed to visitors.


Contemplate landscapes while watching wildlife, there are birds, otters, alligators and other animals that stroll peacefully in their habitat.



》River Bath: It's not enough to enjoy the rivers, you have to refresh yourself in their waters and create a connection with nature. A refreshing and energizing bath in the Mirante River.

》Also enjoy the photographic safari or fishing in the rivers of the Pantanal, a unique experience.

》Check-out and departure to Campo Grande or Corumbá airport

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